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UND: Interfaith Week

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--Students at the University of North Dakota -- got the chance to taste some new food and meet some new friends.

The university hosted Lunch with at Muslim in the Memorial Union today with over 60 people showing up to chow down.

Steers Somali Cuisine provided food as students got the chance to learn about their classmates.

Students say food and friends were the best part of the day.

"The food is really good. It's like my favorite kind of food. I love the curries and the chicken is really good,” said student, Abby Lund.

“It helps us broaden our ways of thinking and just increases our awareness overall,” said sophomore, Henriette Tangen.

Events related to the Wiccan religion and the Jewish faith are still on the schedule for this week.