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Hundreds of Children Hunt for Eggs in Grand Forks

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Grand Forks – (WDAZ-TV) - Kids were on the hunt for eggs in Grand Forks this morning too.

More than 200 children searched through all kinds of shrubs and plants at All Seasons Garden Center.

This is the first year the garden center has hosted an egg hunt and employees say they were surprised by the huge turnout.

Children even followed the Easter Bunny's helpers around as they planted the colorful eggs in the plants in hopes of reaching their individual goals of 10 eggs.

"They're all in hard places so we can really not find them," says Keegan Mane an egg hunter.

"It's fun to see the kids work together and try to get the goal," said Kyle Kvamme a local father. 

The garden center also held a workshop after the hunt where they introduced children to various exotic plants.