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Toys for Tots!

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- The WDAZ Toys for Tots drive is officially over, but there's good news!

You still have time!

Whalen's Moving and Storage will pick up the truck in front of WDAZ tomorrow at noon, so you can still donate tomorrow morning!

Like so many of you, employees and friends of R and R contracting donated a full truck-load of toys for kids Including, dolls, bikes, and hot wheels toys. Employees there say they are happy to help.

Mike Bible, R&R Contracting, “It's the Christmas season and some kids aren't as fortunate as others. We just wanted to provide a toy for a child who might not have one.”

If you'd still like to help, please bring a toy, or cash or check, to WDAZ, 2220 S Washington Street tomorrow morning!