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Ringing for a reason

GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- There are many sounds associated with Christmas.

This one serves as a reminder for most people to search for spare change.

Tonight, we're broadcasting live from Hornbachers in Grand Forks where it's the annual battle of the desks. News versus sports.

We're out here raising money for a good cause for the Salvation Army.

We're joined by Lt. Matthew Beatty of the Grand Forks Salvation Army.

So far, we're little over half way point toward the end of the campaign.

"We're still about about three thousand behind from last year. But of course, we've have some wind event days that the kettle stands couldn't even stand outside they were flipping over. Anytime there's a weather event it does put us behind a little bit. Looks like a cold spell through the last two days of the season. Weather is a big factor, that's why doing stuff like this is so important. Trying to have special events where we can make up for those days," says Beatty. 

There's obviously a need for donations but is there a need for volunteers?

"We do need volunteers, we always need volunteers until the end. The Walmart's, Cabela's, Sam's Club, the outdoor locations; those are big income generators. Of course those are hard to fill when it's get cold, folks don't want to stand out in the freezing and I don't blame them, but that's where we need folks to volunteer at," says Beatty. 

For those who'd like to volunteer, you can sign up here or call the Grand Forks Salvation Army Office at (701)-775-2597.