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Sunshine Childcare to open in 2018

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- The new year will bring lots of changes, one in particular will be a new daycare in Grand Forks.

It was once the place to be to play laser tag, miniature golf, arcade games.

Now Zars Fun Center is undergoing changes to become Grand Forks’ newest daycare and afterschool program called Sunshine Childcare.

Once completed, the center will benefit families by opening its doors monday through friday and on weekends.

The program's manager believes that Grand Forks has a need for this and so do the residents.

“That would be really beneficial to the area because there's actually a lot of other programs that are full so there is a big wait list sometimes so something that would actually be really good,” says Cassie Bies.

Sunshine Childcare will start out with fifty to sixty kids to start out and then eventually take in more.