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City leaders hope million-dollar pool will open in June

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EAST GRAND FORKS, MN (WDAZ)--After being shut down for a summer -- city leaders in East Grand Forks are hoping a multi-million dollar pool will open in June.

The community swimming hole opened in the summer of 2016 after a two point one million dollar refurbishment.

But last summer the pool stayed closed after a broken pipe -- and torn liner forced them to train the water.

The city council contracted an engineering firm to replace the liner -- but it could cost as much as $100-thousand dollars.

City leaders say they may file a lawsuit against T-F Powers in Fargo -- the company that refurbished the pool -- to try to get back some of their money.

“We're exploring all of our options on that. And we're not to that point yet where we would be filing a lawsuit for damages,” said East Grand Forks City Administrator, David Murphy.

Bids are set to go out soon to contractors.

The city hopes to get pool fixed in May in order to open for swimmers by June first.