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Not so fast food

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- Fast food is a convenience we often take for granted.

But lately many of you have complained there's nothing fast about it, and in some cases local restaurants have, without warning, shut their doors, only to reopen a few days later.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase looked into what's going on.

It's the Hardees here at the intersection of 17th Avenue South and South Columbia that employees say closed because they didn't have enough workers. It's an issue at restaurants across Grand Forks.

And they aren't alone.

The reason?

Job service says it's the unemployment rate.

In Grand Forks it's hovering around 1.4 percent, lower than the statewide average.

There are more than sixteen hundred jobs available in the area, but Job Service North Dakota has about four hundred resumes.

Meaning there are more open positions than people available to fill them.

Managers say restaurants are turning to their current employees for referrals, but many of those same people are also looking to work elsewhere.

Job Service says lower pay at food service restaurants often leads to high turnover.

Keith Reitmeier, Job Service North Dakota, "On-going the service industry is struggling to find the workers they need. Especially in certain key industries: retail eating establishments are the two that come to mind.”

But it's not all bad. According to Job Service North Dakota the businesses that were struggling to get employees on staff have chosen to raise the wages that they pay. That's allowed them to bring on more helping hands. But it's unclear how that could affect the price that you pay.