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Gem of the Week: TRF boy's winning Super Snack

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THIEF RIVER FALLS, MN--The big game is this weekend, and with it comes a big appetite for football fans.

If you are looking for a last minute recipe for the Super Bowl - this week's Gem has a quick and easy one for you - and tasty too.

Days before the big game, Andy Dagg is working on his super recipe.

A cucumber dip.

And why a cucumber dip instead of wings, chocolate chip cookies, or something most kids like?

“That's not healthy,” said Andy.

This waistline delight has been passed down for generations in Andy's family. He started making it when he was seven--his parents urging him to work on his culinary skills to improve his reading.

It takes less than 10 minutes to make.  

“It's not that hard, so whenever I want to make it I make it,” said Andy.

The 4th grader from Thief River Falls has taken his family's recipe to the next level - making him a local celebrity - getting shoutouts as he walks the streets.

“‘Hey you're Andy the guy who makes the cucumber dip,’” said Andy.

Before the Eagles and Patriots made the headlines for Super Bowl 52 - this 9 year did. He was  one of the 52 winners of the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Super Snack Challenge. Kids ages 8 to 14 submitted a recipe for a healthy game-day snack.

“It’s pretty fun to be picked out of 400,” said Andy.

However - just like his favorite team the Vikings - Andy fell short of a championship--he did not make the final cut of the ten “All-Pro Chefs.”

“I was feeling down, but at least I made it to 52,” said Andy.

Unlike the Vikings - Andy did make the trip to this week's Super Bowl's festivities.

As one of the top 52, he was invited to attend the Kids Tailgate Party.

Back in the kitchen - Andy is hard at work getting some dip ready for his family's Super Bowl party. While many will feel full - that may not be the case at Andy's house.

“I don't want to get overweight,” said Andy.

A 10 year old chef from Minneapolis took top honors in the kitchen with a sweet potato skin recipe.

You can find Andy's recipe here:

 A package of English cucumbers (about 6)

    2 lbs. low-fat plain Greek yogurt

    3 cloves of garlic mashed

    Salt to taste

    A pinch of ground mint (optional)

    Crackers (Triscuit Original works best for this dip)

    1. Peel and dice cucumbers

    2. Add yogurt, garlic, salt and mint (if desired)

    3. Mix everything evenly and serve with crackers