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Aurora Clinic Continuing Operation as Altru Expands in South GF

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GRAND FORKS (WDAZ-TV) - Altru Health System's purchase of Doctors Hospital came as a surprise to some people working in the Aurora Medical Park building.

The purchase includes the hospital, clinic and strip mall facilities. Businesses there will continue to lease space in the building.

The change in ownership of the new hospital and main medical park building will not affect the care patients have already been receiving at places like Aurora Clinic.

"The news was a surprise to us. It wasn't anything that was discussed beforehand. It was something between the previous owner of the building and now Altru," Aurora Clinic office manager Stacy Kusler said.

Employees of Doctors Hospital were told to have all of their belongings cleared out that day. The purchase includes the hospital, clinic and mall facilities. Businesses like Aurora Clinic will stay in the Aurora Medical Park.

"Despite the recent news of the purchases that were made on campus, Aurora Clinic remains privately owned and operated. We took the news and we are leasing our space and will continue to lease space from the same location," Kusler said.

Other independent businesses like Axis Clinic, Northern Valley OBGYN and Wall's Pharmacy will remain open in the Medical Park as well.

Altru needs to fill nearly 150 positions and plans to hold a recruitment fair for those staff that may have been displaced. When asked if Aurora Clinic has received calls from those left without a job from the transition...

"We haven't gotten those calls yet, but I know there are a lot of people who will probably be looking," Kusler said.

Doctors Hospital was set to open March 1.

Altru officials approached the Aurora Group late last year and purchased the space for an undisclosed amount.