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CPAs advise public to schedule meetings

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--Local CPAs say now is the time to meet with them, some even go as far as saying if you have not yet scheduled a meeting, you could be behind.

Some tips they’re offering include the following:

-Standard deductions may double

-May not be able to write off property taxes in 2018

-Increased cutoff for child tax credit

-Most taxpayer rates to fall 3-4%

-Business owners get big tax cuts

-Fixed income taxpayers to see increase

“If there’s an issue that crops up with a business, or with your personal income, we can get out ahead of that and deal with it before the end of the year, rather than coming in on April 10th and saying, ‘Here’s what I did, help,” said Matt Komprood of Fritz Nelson.

CPAs say if you want to make a charitable donation or write off your property taxes--do it this year, because you may not be able to next year.