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Keeping pets safe during frigid temperatures

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--With this major arctic blast hovering overhead, vets are reminding you not to forget about your furry family members.

If a pet is exposed to the cold for to long, that can cause skin irritations and frostbite.

Pet paws are sensitive to snow and chemical ice melts.

Vets suggest the use of pet booties or protectants be applied to their paws.

"What you should be concerned about is ice melts- salts, those kinds of things can create skin sores irritations if they ingest enough of them they can cause stomach upset and ingestion of extreme amounts can even lead to electrolyte disturbances,” said Pinkerton Animal Hospital Veterinarian, Ron Thunshelle.

It's also recommended that your pet's identification and contact information is up to date as snow and ice can mask home scent cues - making it hard for them to find their way home in the snow.