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Animal Watch: EGFPD could soon have police dog

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EAST GRAND FORKS, MN (WDAZ)--An anonymous donor gives local police an unexpected surprise -- by donating 10 thousand dollars in order to help them bring on a special officer.

In the past 2 months, the East Grand Forks Police Department has raised 15-thousand dollars to bring a K-9 officer onto the force.

But just days ago -- a donor pledged to give them another 10-thousand dollars by the end of this year.  

The chief says the K-9 could assist on traffic stops, home searches and pursuits.

The force is hoping the city council will approve their plan at the next meeting in two weeks.

“If they do approve it, our officer would go and start his training, actually in late March, with the canine, and so, we'd probably, by late spring, or mid to late Spring, we'd probably actually have an officer out on the streets,” said EGF Police Chief, Mike Hedlund.

The East Grand Forks Police Department is still accepting donations for the K-9.