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Super Bowl to impact air traffic

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--As people descend upon Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, they are impacting travel patterns in the surrounding area.

It’s officially Super Bowl week and thousands of fans are making their way to the Minneapolis area for the big game. And all of those fans are causing traffic including in the skies.

The added airline traffic is impacting where students here at the University of North Dakota's flight program can fly to.

"There is going to be over a thousand non-commercial flights that they are expecting to come into that area in the next week so that's a ton of traffic,” said UND spokesperson, Brandon Beyer.

A lot of planes and nowhere to put them.

The F-A-A sent out a notice to all airports in the region, asking pilots to take the excess air-traffic into consideration.

"Not only for the traffic that is going in and out of the airports, but also just to park aircrafts,” said Beyer.

As a result, UND has told all of its instructors and students to avoid the Brainerd airport, and 19 others in the south and eastern portions of Minnesota.

"It has a small effect on us but it's not a huge hindrance to us as a department I would say,” said UND flight instructor, Jonah Silverstone.

When the weather is nice, more than 350 student flights take off from UND's airstrip on any given day.

"The majority of our flights probably stay within a 30-40 mile radius of the airport. But then you have some other flights that require a little longer distances,” said Silverstone.

Those longer flights will now be heading to South Dakota or Montana. At least for the next 10 days.