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Sudden shutdown at a local hotel as health department raises concerns

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--A local hotel shuts down without warning.

The Travelodge on South Washington is closed -- but why remains a mystery.  

This sign is posted on the door saying the hotel is closed for renovations.

WDAZ’s Kenneth Chase tried going inside the hotel's lobby but the door was locked even though the lights were on.

We don't know how long the hotel has been closed - though the Travelodge apparently stopped taking reservations a few days ago.

The state health department conducted two inspections at the hotel last year -- the latest one in December.

According to inspection records -- the Health Department found sheets with cigarette burns, crumbs under the mattresses and toilet seats that need replacing.

The report also says smoke detectors weren't working--the Health Department also recommended the staff clean the place better.

The Department did say the hotel did not close as a result of these inspections.

According to this health department report -- the state told the hotel's owners to change out the toilet seats and to clean the floors in August but it still wasn't up to standard in December.

With doors locked -- it's unclear what's next for the hotel.