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Hotel room costs rise as thousands visit Grand Forks

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--It's the first time both North Dakota's Republican and Democratic parties are holding their conventions in Grand Forks in more than a decade.

It’s at the Alerus Center where both North Dakota's political parties are holding conventions in the next few weeks.

Hotels are booked and restaurants are expecting a boon.

Hotels in Grand Forks are booked for weeks in advance.

"I think we only have maybe one or two rooms even still available at this point. They've been booked for some time,” said Rebekah Saville, of Baymont Inn and Suites.

If you can find a room, it won’t be cheap.

"I'd say probably 200 to 300 dollars per night during the Republican and Democratic convention,” said Saville.

Many hotels are charging double the rates of what customers typically pay.

And it's not just because of conventions.

"We have a lot of hockey and robotics competitions that are happening at the Alerus Center."

An influx of visitors putting money into the city's economy.

"They're looking to shop, might go to some of our restaurants. People like to explore the community when they're traveling,” said Julie Rygg, of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

A rush restaurants are prepping for.

"We're expecting a full house I mean we've ramped up our staff a bit just to make sure that we can totally accommodate people that are coming to town,” said Eric Kerr, Vinyl Taco.

The busy season could last into the summer and bring new faces to a budding tourist destination.

"The longer the better. Better for all the local businesses that are expecting to have some pretty heavy traffic over the next couple months,” said Kerr.