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From the Concerned Residents of Mayville


According to documents obtained through the Open Records statute from the North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Air Quality, we have discovered several items of concern that the elevator has ignored in the past, but is required to address by the terms of its Operating Permit and applicable law.
          Paragraphs quoted from letters written by the Department in connection with the issuance of the elevator’s Operating Permits, which are common to all grain-handling facilities, include:

“ January 17, 2003 – The Permit to Operate identifies the source units that you are authorized to operate and lists the conditions under which the permit is issued.  You should read each condition carefully and note the restrictions placed on the source.
Although grain-handling facilities are not typically a source of substantial emissions, the Department has received various complaints about these facilities in the past.  The Department recognizes that the basis of these complaints tends to be fostered by poor housekeeping and a lack of proper maintenance of air pollution control equipment.

December 21, 2007 – The Department has received various complaints about dust and chaff emitted from grain elevator operations in the past.

July 2, 2009 --
Please note that grain dryer emissions, when drying corn, have resulted in numerous grain handling facility complaints.  To date there are no add-on controls to minimize emission from these types of dryers, so it is very important to pay special attention to the dryer’s proximity to residential or public properties.  Be advised that dust/chaff from your facility which is deposited beyond your property line belongs to you and it is your responsibility to clean it up.

We now know that you are required to clean up all the deposits of dust, debris and chaff that come onto all of our properties on a regular basis, regardless of the cost to your elevator operation.  We look forward to this clean up being done by the elevator, even though no effort has been made in the past to do so. 
Your Operating Permit and applicable law requires this!
          Apart from the practical clean up, we are VERY WORRIED about the AIR QUALITY and HEALTH HAZARD aspects of dust, debris, chaff and airborne particulate matter that fill our air from your operations.
          In order to minimize the clean up costs and continuing health hazards, please install the necessary and promised pollution control equipment immediately!

Very, very concerned residents of Mayville
    -  who are your neighbors in Mayville, ND.