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Mayville Fire & Rescue
2nd Ave NE
Mayville, ND 58257
Help us raise the Funds for a New Truck!
The Mayville Volunteer Fire Rescue is in need of your help. Money is currently being raised to update and replace their 1962 pumper truck. Please donate today! For additional information and details call 701-788-3636.

Mayville Fire & Rescue is a volunteer Fire & Rescue Department
responsible for fire protection for the City of Mayville, North Dakota and the townships of
Mayville, Lindaas, Blanchard, Morgan, Wold.

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Our Mission is to:
Provide quality Fire Protection and Prevention for our area of responsibility and mutual aid to all other agencies requesting assistance.

 We need your help!
We have aging fire trucks and equipment, so we really need to buy a new fire truck to provide this life saving service to our community.

 We are asking those of you in the surrounding area that enjoy the sheer pleasure of giving to save lives and help the community, to consider giving a generous donation.

 We are actively fund raising to reach a goal of $250,000.   We have a wonderful and generous community, but we need to go beyond just our closest neighbors in asking for help to purchase this needed new fire truck.

 We want to bring this need to you, as there are times that we are called to assist in areas beyond our immediate responsibility.  It might be your home residence or business that needs this help some time in the future.

 If you are someone who really enjoys giving to a wonderful cause that can save lives, this is your opportunity and privilege to join in this challenging effort.


Have you been wonderfully blessed in this life?  Are you able to give significant donations to local organizations in need?  Would you like to help save lives and protect your own property and your neighbor’s property?

 We know there are many individuals, businesses and organizations that are readers of this website who are very generous in this great place to live in the USA.

 Can you give $1000, $5000, $10000, $20000 or more to this wonderful effort?  We know there are those who are able to do so and even delight in making such gifts.  You can remain anonymous, if desired.

 We know that many gifts will be in the range of $25, $100 or $500All gifts of any size are welcome.  Encourage a friend or neighbor to give.


Please send a generous donation payable to:

Mayville Fire and Rescue
213 2nd Avenue NE
Mayville, ND  58257


For additional information and details call 701-788-3636.



Your donation can really make a difference whether small or large.



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Mayville Fire and Rescue.