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GF County Jail Preps For Cass County's Displaced Flood Prisoners

The Grand Forks County Corrections Center has already been contacted by Cass county to see if they can hold prisoners if Cass County has to evacuate its jail because of flooding.

Last year about 60 prisoners were transferred to the Grand Forks county jail from Cass county and administrator Bret Burkholder says they will help again if they need to.

The Grand Forks jail can hold 242 inmates and during last year's flooding there were 243 inmates at the jail.

Burkholder says the number of inmates they will be able to take depends on how full they are when Cass County decides to evacuate.

Bret Burkholder: "In the last three weeks we have had fluctuations of about 40 beds so if we are low when the need comes we will be able to help them substantially."

Burkholder says Cass County is planning ahead this year.

He says when they evacuated the jail last year they did it in the middle of the night and the inmates were brought to Grand Forks and other jails around 2 in the morning.