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Lake Region State College Nursing Program Expands

The nursing program will be teaching more students what not to do.

Lake Region State College is expanding its practical nursing program to Mayville State University.

Nancy Greywater "it's a big deal. An opportunity for students to be able to get into a program where they wouldn't necessarily have to drive where they can do this right locally at home."

Lake Region has held classes in Cooperstown, Langdon, and Northwood and now wants to bring all those students together.

"We do have some students that are there and have been interviewed and their ready to get on board," says Greywater

The students are enrolled through Lake Region and will graduate from Lake Region State College when they finish the program.

Putting this together hasn't been easy.

Greywater says, "it does take a lot of coordination and obviously some time management and getting some balancing acts, but I think it'll be just fine."

The Lake Region State College nursing program has also been given an award for their excellence in health careers.

They will be recognized at an official ceremony at the Professional Development Conference August 9th in Bismarck.