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Three Facing Charges After 'Significant' Grand Forks Drug Bust

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Editor's Note: This story was published on December 13, 2010.

Three people face seven felonies and one misdemeanor after a significant drug bust in Grand Forks. Prosecutors say it's a major arrest because of the amount of money and drugs found on the scene.

The three charged are 22-year-old Scott Razmyslowski, 20-year-old Elaine Sundquist and 19-year-old Joshua Hulst.

On Friday afternoon the Grand Fork Narcotics Task Force along with the Pine To Prairie Task Force from Polk County surrounded 1807 South 10th Street in Grand Forks.

Prosecutors say two men and one female was arrested. They say about six pounds of high-grade marijuana, over a pound of cocaine, an ounce and a half of methamphetamine and other assorted drugs were seized.

Prosecutors also say authorities seized $18,000 in cash. All three suspects are being charged with felonies including possession of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine with intent to deliver.