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MN Fishing Licenses Now Available After Shutdown

Minnesota anglers are casting their lines once again after weeks of waiting. The government shutdown forced many to not be able to buy fishing licenses.

Neal Carbough and Dale Kersch are on a five month road trip around the Uniteds States. The two planned to camp and fish in Minnesota.

"We wanted to fish in Minnesota but we weren't able to get a fishing license because of the shutdown so we came across and got our fishing license here in North Dakota, and of course you're allowed to fish the Red River from either bank with either license, so it worked out," Neal Carbough said.

But their plans to visit state parks didn't work out.

"Seems silly to shut down state parks, but I realize that all the states have serious budget problems," Carbough said.

"Oh my god, we went right through Minnesota like it wasn't even there. We didn't stop at restaurants, I think we maybe got gas. And we kept going, we were here for the state parks and to see the green," Dale Kersch said.

Their frustrations are similar to others.

"And the during the middle of it there were a lot of people who didn't know that it was going through and everything like that, so what they ended up doing was just getting really upset," Holiday Gas Station Clerk Pete Knopp said.

After nearly three weeks, people in Minnesota can finally buy their fishing licenses now that the shutdown is over.