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Win-E-Mac Building Off 2012

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For Win-E-Mac head coach Jeremy Morgenroth, building a program hasn't come easily.

"We've had some pretty lean years, just try to build up to this year and build a program where one win, two wins isn't the goal. It's more and more and keep going."

The building has only begun. The Patriot program stretched its win column from three wins in 2011 to seven last fall.

Luke Syverson, Win-E-Mac senior lineman, "We have a lot of experience on the team and we just need to keep trying to get better and better."

The reason why expectations have been pushed so high is because the red, white, and blue return all but one starter to this year's team.

Recently, Win-E-Mac had a preseason practice with Sacred Heart, something that was a lost tradition, giving the Patriot players a chance to hit someone else.

Syverson, "Kind of fun going against someone else for practice."

Last season, the Eagles traveled for the practice. This season it's Win-E-Mac playing guest.

Jeremy Kasprzak, Win-E-Mac senior tight end, "They learned a lot from us and now it's our turn to come here and learn from them."

Running your plays against each other, you know your own plays, it's not that hard. Running your plays against someone else, it's going to be different. It's fun."