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Ponies Hurdle Into 9-Man Football

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It's a turning of the page for Warren-Alvarado-Oslo.

Tony Gullikson, Warren-Alvarado-Oslo head football coach, "Our kids were generally disappointed. It's a tradition, this school has played nothing for the last 68 years but 11-man football."

The Ponies will be seeing some new faces in the fall of 2013 as the orange and black make the jump to 9-man football.

Danny Schmidt, senior lineman, "I think it was a good move for us because we have such a small enrollment now. It will be different but I think it'll be fine."

Jase Pederson, Warren-Alvarado-Oslo senior back, "I think there was some disappointment from the community and the school because we have just been that town that has stayed in 11-man but it was getting time to come down."

But what hasn't gone down is the intensity at a W-A-O practice.

The Ponies lose some spots on the offensive line as they make the jump from 11-man to 9-man football but Warren-Alvarado players say they're adjusting well.

Pederson, "A lot of it, like on the defensive side with less guys, your schemes get more simplistic but it puts more pressure on individuals to make plays."

The pressure for the Ponies will be cranked high, as the team enters one of the toughest 9-man sections in the state.

Gullikson, "We know it's not going to be easy, it's going to be an adjustment. But we also know with this year's team, we have a great combination of size and speed, 12 seniors, and good kids, good athletes. We're going to be in the running."