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UND administrators to attend Walk for Change protest after shirt incident

UND Provost Tom DiLorenzo, Vice President for Student Affairs Lori Reesor and other university administrators will participate in a protest walk held by American Indian students , the university said today.


Indian students planned the walk after some other students wore offensive T-shirts to the annual Springfest celebration and university officials did not act immediately.

Since then, spokesman Peter Johnson said the shirt incident is under investigation and President Robert Kelley has released two statements condemning the shirts and promised to work toward making UND a more inclusive campus.

The statement said administrators will attend the walk "to show our support and allegiance in combating prejudice and intolerance in our community, state, and world."

Officials said they will begin working with the newly-hired associate vice president of diversity and inclusion this summer to establish concrete ways to foster a more accepting environment on campus.

"Our goal is not only begin a dialogue of how to institute change, but also to set the stage for a culture change that will meld our Exceptional UND strategic blueprint with real goals and metrics to address our progress," the university said. "We will create an educated citizenry who embraces an environment of life-long learning around acceptance, tolerance and a true belief that our differences are what make us stronger."