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East Grand Forks Eagles purchased

The East Grand Forks Eagles club will regain ownership of their building after a local person worked with the club to purchase it for $336,000 in an online auction.


The club lost the building in foreclosure five years ago and has been leasing it ever since. When one of the members came across an ad for the building on, they made last-minute efforts to raise money to bid for it.

Mike Melby, the chairman of the board of trustees for the club, said the Eagles will be working with the new owner to purchase the building.

“(The owner) will receive ownership sometime in the next 30 days or so, and once they have it we will come to terms with our financing with them,” Melby said.

Melby said the club knew of at least three bidders involved in the auction, but one of them dropped out after realizing the Eagles were also bidding for the building. Melby said he doesn’t know who that person was, but wanted to thank him for dropping out.

“I want thank everyone in the community for all of their support, because without them there’s no way we could’ve raised the money in three weeks,” he said. The club’s initial goal was to raise $60,000, but Melby said the club ended up exceeding that amount.