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Housing construction at a record high in Grand Forks

Grand Forks is experiencing something of construction boom this summer. 

The number of building permits for single-family and townhomes is double the number from just a year ago.

Pretty much any where you drive in Grand Forks your going to see a lot of construction going on, and the number of building permits are certainly reflecting that.

So far this year 98 permits for single-family and townhomes.

That's double the amount from the same time last year. New apartment units being built are on pace to also out do last years numbers, with 11 new buildings with over 600 units going up.

Total construction costs which include building materials and labor are over $152 million. That's a 20 percent hike over last year which was also considered a very good year.

Bev Collings with Grand Forks Building And Zoning said, "this year so far to date we have 17 percent over last year, just in regular building permits from shingling to decking to building the med school."

Chamber of Commerce President Barry Wilfahrt says even after the flood there has not been this much housing construction going on in Grand Forks.