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North Dakota Lawmakers Look at Expanding Gun Rights

KX News - North Dakota lawmakers look at a bill to expand gun rights in the state.

There are two parts of the bill drawing a lot of interest.

One section would allow concealed weapons in more public places, including churches, political rallies and parks.

Another would allow them in liquor establishments.

Supporters of the bill argue it can be difficult for people with concealed weapons permits to keep track of where they can take them...

"I can't say enough about how many times the discussion of what exactly is a public gathering, what exactly is a publicly owned and operated building," says Paul Hammers/Napoleon.

"Current law recognizes that guns and alcohol don't mix and draws a bright line around bars and says don't bring a gun in here," says Rudie Martinson/North Dakota Hospitality Association.

The second part of the bill that drew opposition testimony is a section that would make it illegal for doctors to ask patients if they own a gun.

Several health care providers asked lawmakers to remove that section of the bill.

They say that information helps save lives.