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Co-defendant testifies against accused killer

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Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ-TV) - An accomplice to a Grand Forks murder took the stand today testifying against his former friend.

In front of a packed courtroom, Dametrian Marcel Welch described in detail the events of the night.

And since the accused killer is representing himself, Delvin Shaw came face to face with Welch during cross examination.


On day 2 of trial, several officers testified about the investigation. Then one of the two men who broke into the apartment during the fatal encounter took the stand. Welch testified against Shaw.

Dametrian Marcel Welch, Co-Defendant: “Where it's at, where it's at.

Carmell Mattison, Assistant States Attorney: “Where it's at?”

Welch: “Yes.”

Mattison: “And what does that mean?

Welch: “Like where the money at, where the drugs at.”

That's what Welch said Delvin Shaw said seconds after the duo allegedly broke into the apartment during a botched robbery. 

Welch said he followed Shaw into the apartment building, up to the door. He said there were two knocks and Shaw kicked down the door.

“Mr. Lopez and his wife, they both got out of the bed, Lopez and Shaw had an altercation and then that's when Shaw shot him,” said Welch.

He said Shaw fired four shots at 24 year old Jose Lopez inside his apartment last June at Valley Park.

“I heard the first shot and Mr. Lopez was still coming and then there was two more shots and then a fourth shot and that's when it made he into the hallway,” said Welch.

Shaw cross-examined his alleged accomplice, asking him questions about his background and scene of the crime.

Delvin Shaw, Accused murderer, “Did you go to Penn's house crying like a new born baby?”

Welch: “Yea, because I was devastated from what you had done.”

Shaw questioned Welch's truthfulness with authorities.

“I guess you could say I lied in my first statement…partially it was the truth and partially it wasn't,” said Welch.

Prior to the trial, Welch cut a deal with prosecutors to have murder charges against him dropped.

Instead of life in prison, Welch is serving 8 years behind bars.