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Student garden helps feed need in Lake Region

Devils Lake, ND (WDAZ TV) - Agriculture students at Lake Region State College spent the day picking potatoes from a student-run garden.

These crops aren't simply helping students learn the art of agriculture, but they're also helping people eat in the Lake Region Community.

Madison Schmaltz/Agriculture Student: “I learn a lot better hands-on.”

Those hands are digging through the dirt, looking for potatoes at the Lake Region Ag Club garden.

Preston Sundeen/Agriculture Instructor: “We're incorporating what the club did as far as planting a garden in with what we're doing in the class.”

They started the garden this year. Now, it's being used as a real-world teaching tool.


Today, Sundeen says, “We're doing a machinery management class.”

Schmaltz says, “It's amazing how we get to do this hands-on experience instead of just watching virtual videos and things like that.”

Students learn how food gets from here to the dinner table.

Tanner Nicholls/Agriculture Student: “You don't really know exactly where your food comes from. A lot of people don't. I think it's good for us to be out here. It's a good teaching tool as well.”

Once the crops are out of the ground, they serve an even greater purpose. Everything grown in the student garden is donated to the Hope Center food pantry.”

Nicholls says, “Makes a person feel good about themselves, going home at the end of the day knowing that you helped someone else that can use the food a little more than we maybe could.

It's not just potatoes. Students have been harvesting a variety of crops here throughout the summer, donating more than one thousand pounds of food to the Devils Lake Hope Center.

Sundeen adds, “Onions and carrots. We got tomatoes to pick yet today. A lot of beans and peas. We brought them sweet corn.”

These potatoes will soon arrive in homes where they're needed, and an added bonus for these students is learning how to feed their community.

Schmaltz says, “It's a very good project and it's very helpful even if we're just coming out here doing this for fun. It goes to a great cause.”

Now that the potatoes are harvested, the next crop students will donate will be pumpkins. They should be ready to pick in about two weeks.

Adam Ladwig

Adam Ladwig joined WDAZ as the Devils Lake bureau reporter in January, 2012. Prior to that he reported for KDUH-TV in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Adam has won multiple awards during his time at WDAZ, including an Eric Sevareid award and a Regional Emmy Award as part of team coverage during the search for Anthony Kuznia.  A Colorado native, Adam graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Journalism. He misses the Rocky Mountains, but the kind people of North Dakota more than make up for that. He is thrilled to be in the Lake Region, telling stories that matter. In his spare time, Adam is usually futilely attempting to get in shape, or cheering for his beloved Denver Broncos.