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New ordinance lets Devils Lake bars open earlier on Sundays

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Devils Lake, ND (WDAZ TV) - Liquor laws are a little more lax in Devils Lake tonight, after the city commission approved a plan to allow bars to open earlier on Sundays.

Dick Johnson/Devils Lake Mayor: “We had some requests from bar owners, is how it got started.”

The big reason for the change? To capitalize on business brought in by football fans. Before tonight, Devils Lake bars couldn't open until noon on Sundays. Now, they can open an hour earlier.

Marlene Salisbury/Proz End Of The Line: “We're all for it.”

The Devils Lake City Commission unanimously approved the ordinance today. Earlier this year, the state legislature allowed cities to make the change. Local bars have lobbied for an earlier opening. An hour might not seem like a big difference. But on Sundays in the fall, it ensures football fans don't miss any of their team's games.

Salisbury explains, “Got a 12 o'clock kickoff, the doors don't open until 12, you miss your kickoff.”

Local bars say an earlier opening won't necessarily bring in more business, but it'll prevent the big rush at noon, and allow for a smoother opening on Sunday mornings.

Salisbury says, “It'll just be good on Sundays for that noon kickoff for customers to get in early and not be so rushed.”        

Bars say they rely on sports to bring in customers.

Johnson says, “It's a big time for them, and a chance to capitalize on some of the revenue from the crowd that comes in to watch the games.”

Salusbiry adds, “This time it will give customers a time to come in, relax, get their seats, and be early for the game.”

If you want to watch the game at home, it's a different story. Local bars are still barred from selling alcohol off-sale before noon on Sundays.


Adam Ladwig

Adam Ladwig joined WDAZ as the Devils Lake bureau reporter in January, 2012. Prior to that he reported for KDUH-TV in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Adam has won multiple awards during his time at WDAZ, including an Eric Sevareid award and a Regional Emmy Award as part of team coverage during the search for Anthony Kuznia.  A Colorado native, Adam graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Journalism. He misses the Rocky Mountains, but the kind people of North Dakota more than make up for that. He is thrilled to be in the Lake Region, telling stories that matter. In his spare time, Adam is usually futilely attempting to get in shape, or cheering for his beloved Denver Broncos.