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Mystery behind deadly crash

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Dorothy, MN (WDAZ-TV)

A mystery in Polk County.

A man was found dead in a ditch, and police say they have more questions than answers right now.

It was a grisly discovery for a motorist on County Road 13 in Dorothy, Minnesota around 7 a.m Friday morning.

“They noticed a person laying in the ditch,” said Minnesota Highway Patrol Lieutenant David Spivey.

When police arrived they found 19 year old Cody Piche of Erskine dead.

33-year-old Martin Kingbird of East Grand Forks was hurt.

Their car had gone off the road and rolled several times on a curve. 

“The driver and passenger were ejected from the vehicle, there were no seatbelts worn at the time. We are unaware of speed right now,” commented Spivey.

One of the main questions that remains unanswered, who was driving the car at the time of the crash? Both victims were found in the ditch outside the vehicle. Police have not been able to speak to the lone survivor, because he was taken to a hospital outside of the region for treatment.

“There is some indication alcohol was involved,” noted Spivey.

Troopers are also still trying to figure out when the crash actually happened. It is believed it happened well before it was noticed Friday morning.

Police would like to hear from anyone who saw Piche and Kingbird Thursday night. 

“Trying to figure out where they were going, where they were coming from and get the pieces together to help solve this mystery,” said Spivey.

Kingbird's injuries are considered serious but non-life threatening.

Police are unsure if fog was a factor since it's unknown when the accident happened.