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UMC student, GF native interning with Minnesota Vikings

Chad O'Shea/UMC

CROOKSTON, MN (WDAZ-TV) - An internship with the Minnesota Vikings was a dream-come-true for University of Minnesota-Crookston junior Chad O’Shea. The sport and recreation management major from Grand Forks and Red River High School graduate has always loved sports.

O’Shea played youth basketball growing up in Minot and has long enjoyed watching football, in particular his favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings. “My internship with the Vikings took place during their training camp in Mankato, Minn., in marketing and promotions,” he says. 

“As an intern, I encouraged fans and promoted the upcoming season, which turned out to be a great season for the team.”

He recalls the internship interview process crediting his experience at the U of M Crookston as a key reason for his success. O’Shea has been working with Golden Eagle Athletics since he was a freshman. From working as a soccer/ football sideline ball boy to running the score clock and stat boards high in the press box, he loves being close to the action.

Assistant Athletic Director Gary Warren appreciates O’Shea and his work ethic. “Chad is extremely reliable. He is incredibly helpful whether working in the trenches dealing with game day set up or staying long hours afterward for postgame tear down and clean up,” Warren continues. “He plays a major roll—week in and week out—with our whole athletic facilities maintenance and game production all while he earns his degree.”

O’Shea still wonders at his ability to keep his composure around high profile professional football players he deeply admires, but he is quick to note that being a professional was paramount. The players are there to do their job, and even as an intern, he was there to represent the organization and place the team’s interests first. “I wasn’t there as a fan, I was there to assist the organization and work for them,” he says. “I want a career in professional sports some day and this internship gave me the opportunity to network and to experience operations firsthand.”Behind the scoring table for the Golden Eagles, O’Shea takes his responsibility seriously. “I give my full attention to running the scoreboard accurately, and I am willing to fill in wherever I am needed for athletics,” O’Shea says. “It has proven to be a valuable experience for me and set me up for an internship in pro sports.”

Outside of athletics, O’Shea is a community advisor in the residence halls. He says the experience has challenged him to be a better leader and proven to be an opportunity for personal growth. “What I have learned as a community advisor has application for me no matter where the future takes me.”

Time spent with Golden Eagle Athletics as well as Residential Life on the Crookston campus has helped O’Shea put education into practice and keeps him learning even when he is not in the classroom. He is building for the future in sports he has always dreamed of and is ready to cease any opportunity that comes along to make those dreams reality.