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Even with unplanned temperatures a Grand Forks bike race worked with the conditions

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Grand Forks, ND (WDAY/WDAZ TV) - You might think the warm weather and melting snow would be a welcome surprise for organizers of an outdoor event, but that wasn't the case for a bike race this weekend.

Fatbike tires are about two times as thick as regular bike tires... and their width makes them ideal for riding in somewhat treacherous terrain.

Riders in Sunday's race were rarely found on roads.

The route largely consisted of snowy paths along and even on the Red River.

"Originally the race was supposed to use about two, three miles of the river, but because of the recent warm up in the last couple of days, there’s large sections of the river that are completely covered in water, and then it froze over and it's pretty much glare ice,” said Aaron Kennedy, race director.

Organizers were able to change the course to reduce ride time and risk on the Red River.