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Top Taste: Frozen dough shipped nationwide from Finley, ND

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FINLEY, ND (WDAZ-TV) - It started as a small town local bakery on the same street as the post office, the local watering hole, and the town paper.

Today they ship everything from buns to Bismarcks, from Finley, North Dakota to both coasts. But, it wasn't always that way.

Wayne Fetting: “When I was 14, or so, I was coming to work at 4:30 in the morning, helping mix, run the ovens, do that kind of stuff.”

Wayne Fetting worked for his dad, Harold Fetting, at the Top Taste Bakery selling baked goods locally.

Wayne went to baking school in Minneapolis, and by 19 he was back home as a business partner with his dad.

One day while Harold Fetting was delivering his baked goods to customers, he noticed something his competitors were doing.

Fetting: “He saw it was something he should go into so he started experimenting with these frozen doughs.”

Frozen dough turned out to be the future, and the people of Finley saw an opportunity.

Fetting: “The local community put together a fundraiser for this. They helped build the original plant here.”

It was an effort worthwhile. Their most popular product is their white buns for hamburgers and hot dogs. The bun-maker is capable of making 12,000 buns an hour.

Fetting, now the president of Top Taste, says they are the largest employer in Steele County with around 40 employees that help make and send the soon-to-be baked goods.

But, it's not just the roots of the hometown people that make Top Taste special, it's the homegrown ingredients.

Fetting: “We also use United Crystal Sugar, comes out of Moorhead. We use Minn-Dak yeast, which comes out of Wahpeton. We're getting our boxes made out of Grand Forks. I mean it just goes on and on.”

But there's one more very important piece that puts Top Taste above the rest.

Fetting: “That's one of the reason why we're here where we are, because we're so close to a great flour source. It's the best flour that there is in the United States. We think that makes our product much better than anywhere else, being made anywhere else.”

A hometown business that literally has its roots throughout the state. If you want to try some, you can find the Fetting's Top Taste label at your local grocery store.

Ryan Laughlin

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