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West Fargo woman charged with throwing cats off third-story balcony for 'bothering her'

Angela Watkins

FARGO—A West Fargo woman is charged in Cass County District Court with throwing two cats from a third-story balcony, causing injury to the cats.

According to court documents:

West Fargo police were dispatched to a residence on Bluestem Drive on Oct. 2 for a disturbance.

When they arrived, they spoke to a female who told them her mother freaked out over an argument involving a phone and threw her cats off the balcony.

Officers then spoke to Angela Kay Watkins, who told them she threw the cats off the balcony because they were bothering her.

Both cats, Max and Lucie, appeared to suffer injuries, with Lucie bleeding from the mouth and Max limping on an injured leg.

Watkins was taken into custody for an earlier warrant and on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.

In addition to a drug charge, Watkins faces two counts of abuse of an animal.