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Pipeline Worker and Wife Shovel Snow for Charity

One pipeline worker and his wife took to the streets of Bismarck to lend a helping hand to residents.

Snow shovels in hand, they have been working the last two days clearing driveways and sidewalks.

Brennan and Breanna Taylor are originally from Washington, but moved to Bismarck for Brennan's job.

He's a pipeline worker. Today, he's not shoveling dirt -- he's shoveling snow.

"With the whole thing with the protests and everything going on, and I don't know. I think it really put a damper on the community and that's why we wanted to start doing it. That was our initial thought, to give back to the community for everything that's been going on, you know," said Brennan.

A mere 5 dollars can get your driveway or sidewalk shoveled.

They originally thought to shovel to earn money to travel home for the holidays, but shortly after, decided that donating the earned money to charity.

Brennan noted, "We figured that, you know, God will end up providing for us and we just wanted to do our best and we just wanted to help the community. And I think we feel good doing it, you know." 

It wasn't a tough decision for the couple.

Breanna took to Facebook to post about their service and received and overwhelming response.

"I just got a really good feeling, you know, it just felt good, especially with the response that we were getting when people were so appreciative and stuff," said Breanna.

The driveway that they were shoveling Tuesday belonged to a family.

Due to medical conditions, they couldn't do it themselves.

So, Brennan and Breanna keep pushing.

"It's just kind of nice to just go out and help these people, you know, especially people that aren't able to do it for themselves this winter," said Brennan.

The shovels the couple was using were donated to them from Bible Baptist Church in Bismarck.

The couple is still unsure of the charity they'll donate the money to.