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Manhunt underway in Grand Forks

Homeless man’s body found frozen in GF greenway

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) – Police don't suspect foul play after a homeless man was found dead in Grand Forks.

The man's last known address was the Northlands Rescue Mission. However, mystery remains about how he died and why he was there in the first place.

His body was found a couple of weeks ago. Police say supervisors deemed there was no need to notify anyone about the death, primarily because there was no threat to the public.

It was in the Grand Forks greenway where police found 61-year-old Richard Bumford dead on December 22.

Lt. Derik Zimmel, GFPD: “Officers responded. Did locate an individual who was deceased.”

The cause of death still unknown awaiting final autopsy results. What police do know is his last known address was the Northlands Rescue Mission. It was there he met James Hosey a few months back in the kitchen of the Mission.

James Hosey, former Mission resident: “He was a good guy, he was old, a little fragile, had health conditions and stuff. But, he was a good guy.”

The Mission has been under criticism this winter for kicking homeless people out on the street, something police are looking into.

Zimmel: “That would be something that would be fleshed out over the course of the investigation.”

Executive Director Nancy Andrews declined an on-camera interview, but says Bumford had not been a client of the mission for "days or weeks" - she wasn't sure. She wouldn't say whether or not he had been kicked out.

The death increases concerns for some about how the Mission is operating.

Hosey: “And I think that right there is what got me the most, is the question mark, why was he there?”

Something police are still working on.

Hosey: “I'm not trying to point fingers and blame, what I'm doing is bringing up a concern. So maybe not just me, but other people would ask questions. Why was he there?”

The Mission says when they do kick people out, they do allow them to stay in the front entry way when it's really cold. Some people who have been kicked out say they weren't offered that space.

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