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Friday News Update (2/17)

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Welcome to your news update.


Two teenagers are arrested after an attempted burglary in Fargo.

Fargo police say they were called to Sports Vape around 3 this morning when an alarm went off.

When authorities arrived, they found a broken window and two teens running away.

Authorities found the first teen from West Fargo shortly after arriving on scene.

The second teen was arrested a few hours later.

The two did not get into the business where they broke the window.

Fargo police are also investigating a possible burglary at Vid Cycle that happened even earlier in the morning.

It's unknown if the two are connected.


Fargo police investigated a reported homicide Wednesday night- but it turned out to be fake.

It's not clear if the report was just a mistake or if someone intentionally lied about a dead body.

Police say while it's understandable people will make mistakes, there's no excuse for intentionally lying.

It's punishable by law in North Dakota and Minnesota to knowingly make a fake complaint.


On any given night -- especially weekends -- you'll find many people walking the streets in downtown Fargo.

Many will say they feel relatively safe amid all the crime that happens here.

Even so, police and the Fargo Downtown Community Partnership met to address concerns about crime in this area.

In total, officers got more than 18,000 calls to downtown alone in 2016.

While they say assaults are one of their biggest concerns -- which increased 24% last year -- they see property crimes the most.

Around midnight crime tends to spike... reaching around 57 calls an hour.

During that time police say public intoxication is their biggest problem.

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