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Moorhead police surround home, owner says he is a target of racism

MOORHEAD — Police surrounded a neighborhood here Sunday night, March 19, after they received a report that a man was waving a handgun.

The incident happened at 610 3rd St. S. near Moorhead's Woodlawn Park. 

While on scene, police learned the handgun was actually a BB gun. The man who lives in the home, Ronald Geri, said he wasn't waving the gun.

Geri claims that the gun was sitting on his porch. He says he was handcuffed, along with his wife and a family friend. 

Geri said he was the target of racism.

"On my property, whether it's in my driveway, or on my porch or inside of my house, I deserve to have some sense of security," Geri said. "This is all about racism. If they want to bring it to me in any way possible, give me some jail time. If you can't find a reason, stay out of my way."