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Tuesday News Update (5/30)

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Welcome to your news update.


A 9-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after she got sick from carbon monoxide at the pool.

Police say at least ten other people also felt sick from high gas levels and got help on their own.

Fire crews aren't sure exactly what caused the problem, but they believe a defective boiler is most likely to blame.

Carbon monoxide was detected at 300 parts per million, which is three times higher than when firefighters normally put on their masks.

The Fire Department says there was no carbon monoxide detector in the pool area.

It's unknown when the pool will re-open.

The hotel refused to comment.


Two high profile court cases will continue this week in Fargo.

Ashley Hunter is charged with killing Clarence Flowers and Samuel Traut in separate incidents in June of 2015.

He's also charged with arson for setting Traut's home on fire.

This will be the second week jurors have reviewed evidence and heard testimony.

Last week, prosecutors showed jurors footage of Hunter confessing to both murders.

They also heard from his ex-girlfriend who says she was at Flowers' house when he was killed.

She says Flowers screamed for help, and she saw Hunter pull a knife out of him.

Hunter's defense attorney is arguing that investigators were not thorough and failed to search for other suspects.


Jurors will also resume deliberating a rape trial today.

Jonel Sanchez is charged with felony gross sexual imposition.

He's accused of raping a woman he knew at a south Fargo motel in August.

The jury began deliberating late Friday afternoon.

If convicted, Sanchez faces up to 20 years in prison.

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