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Deadly drug spreading across the state of N.D.

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MINOT—A dangerous drug that's taken lives in our state is making its way west across North Dakota.

Fentanyl is 50-times more powerful than heroin and now Minot Police are reporting the drug has made its appearance in the department's region.

This week alone police say there have been four cases of seemingly fentanyl-related overdoses.

In two of those emergencies, police administered Narcan the antidote for the drug.

The department is also concerned about the safety for police officers dealing with overdoses.

"They could expose themselves to situations that would cause some medical issues. And up to an overdose. It's very important that we slow down and be a little bit more cautious than we have in the past," said Captain John Klug, Minot Police Department.

The police department is now using specialized rubber gloves and surgical masks at hand so they aren't exposed to the drug.