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Grand Forks residents gather at event aimed to save local park

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GRAND FORKS -- People in Grand Forks are taking one last chance to enjoy a weekend in Arbor Park as they campaign to save the park in an upcoming vote.

Organizers say they wanted to invited the public to the greenspace to enjoy the art and outdoors.

There will be plenty of watermelon to snack on at Sunday night's event aimed as one last push for support for the park before the election later this week.

"We're trying to raise some consciousness for the up and coming election but we also wanted to show people how easy it is to have a little fun in the park, with not much money," said Adam Kemp, Community Organizer.

Efforts to save the park have been going on for at least 9-months.

If you want to vote you can head to the Alerus Center on Tuesday.

You can cast your ballot from 7:00 in the morning until voting closes at 7:00 in the evening.

A yes vote will be to keep the park.

A no vote means you want the park redeveloped.

As of Friday the Grand Forks County Auditor says 415 absentee ballots have been sent in.