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Capital RV Shop in Bismarck catches fire, damaging multiple RV's

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BISMARCK—A building housing dozens of RV's caught fire in Bismarck Sunday morning in a blaze that destroyed at least $1-million in motor homes.

More than 40 emergency workers responded to the blaze at the Capital RV shop.

Fire crews found multiple motor homes already on fire when they arrived.

They even had to use a payloader to pull the burning RV's out of the building to extinguish them completely.

The damage to the building alone is estimated to be mOre than one million dollars.

The blaze damaged at least another one million dollars to the RV's.

"The RV's were on fire which is basically like a bunch of little houses packed together inside of a building so you can imagine that's quite a feat to get in there and try to put a fire out," said Deputy Chief Dean Meyer, Bismarck Fire Department

No one was injured in the fire.

They were able to keep the fire contained to the shop but the showroom did receive some smoke damage.