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Does Hillsboro sit on a tornado alley?

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HILLSBORO, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Bad luck or a strange weather phenomenon?

Severe storms strike the same family's home three times in the last year.

In Hillsboro, a tornado ripped off the back of a shop nearly a year ago.

Then this week, another tornado took nearly the same path.

These storms have a family wondering if they're sitting on top of a tornado alley.

Brandon Hamre, Hillsboro Resident says, "It just made me sick, knowing I was that close to being involved in that one."

The owners of Crystal View Farm near Hillsboro had their home destroyed during the first tornado last summer.

Glen Hultin, Crystal View Farm says, "We just had the house here you know that was destroyed and then we had some trailers and machinery and they were all blown around."

They say they spotted another funnel cloud three weeks ago.

And then, this week's tornado touchdown.

The Hultin's have since rebuilt, and have just moved in, but are in constant fear of all these severe storms.

Hamre says, "I'd love to know if it's something with the weather, if it's a tornado alley of the valley or if it's just a freak chance that it happened again."

John Wheeler, WDAZ Stormtracker Meteorologist says, "The answer to that is no. Because tornadoes are just so small and randomly distributed anyway."

Stormtracker Meteorologist John Wheeler says tornado myths, while common, are unreliable.

Wheeler says, "There's nothing special about any place in Eastern North Dakota or Western Minnesota that makes it either more or less tornado prone. It's just the luck."

The Hultin's say they have had over a million dollars in damage last year alone.

"When that wall cloud came over, I just had a strong fear from being just scared of the tornado," says Hultin.

So naturally, they hope this never happens again.

The farmers say this week's storm missed them by about a half mile, damaging a nearby farmhouse.