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Canadian woman in serious condition after being struck by lightning

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DRAYTON, N.D. -- The family of a golfer struck by lightning is keeping a close watch as she recovers.

It's happened at the Drayton Golf Club's teeing ground where a Canadian woman was struck by lightning.

Her family says the sky above was clear, but some clouds were off in the distance.

It happened here around 5:30 Friday evening.

Emergency Responders say the strike was indirect and traveled through her golf club.

Family members say the Manitoba woman came to town for a family get together.

Golf Club employees say they've never heard of any strikes on the green.

An act of nature that has some golfers checking over their shoulders.

"All of a sudden a dark cloud from the Northwest kind of came over there. And then we heard this big boom. Somebody said she had rubber on the bottom of her shoes and that may have saved her life," said Sheila Halcrow, Drayton Golfer.

We spoke with her family and they wouldn't go on camera.

They say she's still in very serious condition at Altru in Grand Forks and her her husband is with her.


DRAYTON, N.D. -- A 51-year-old Canadian woman is injured after being struck by lightning at the Drayton golf course.

Emergency responders were called to the scene around 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

The victim was conscious when crews arrived.

EMS workers believe the lightning strike was indirect, possibly through a golf club the victim was holding.

Members of her family and golf-course employees believe that she was only able to survive due to the rubber bottoms of her shoes.

She was taken to Altru in Grand Forks, her condition is unknown.