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Covering strollers on hot days could actually be harming your child

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(WDAY / WDAZ)—Covering your baby from shade could be putting him or her in harm's way.

A stroll on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

"We just went for a walk and played on the playground," said Bryce Regan, Father.

Like many parents, Bryce Regan is always looking for ways to protect his daughter.

"She's the most important thing in the world. So you take every precaution you can," said Regan.

A recommendation from a popular YouTube channel called Mommy Hacks, could cause your child to overheat.

According to the YouTube Channel: "Use a thin breathable blanket and binder clips to create shade that won't go away."

But a study conducted by Swedish doctors says on a 71-degree day a stroller's temperature increased to nearly 99 degrees, that was when it was covered.

On hot days like today local parents fear that could be deadly.

It's a tip Regan has used in the past.

"It was just on a day where it was incredibly windy. But I don't think we would ever do it on a day like today," said Regan.

Doctors say even on mild days, covered strollers aren't likely to keep kids cool and the covering could even make them sick.

"Heatstroke might be reddening of the face, some can be panting, very lethargic, and quiet, almost tired," said Michelle Andersen, Mom.

Parents and doctors agree giving children lots of fluids is best on warm days.

"We definitely pack a lot of water, more than we need when it's warm out," said Regan.

Taking little breaks indoors from the heat could help them cool down, because keeping cool, shouldn't endanger your children.

"We're outside three hours a day in and out 20 minutes here and there," said Andersen.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide a child's body heats up three to five times faster than an adult's body.