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Roads closed, businesses evacuated in Drayton after propane gas leak

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DRAYTON—Roads closed and businesses were evacuated in Drayton on Monday after a propane tanker started leaking gas outside of a station.

The situation was resolved and investigators have given everyone the "all clear."

It started at 10:15 a.m. on Monday morning, when someone with Northdale oil realized that the truck was leaking.

It was a propane truck, not an actual gasoline truck, so there wasn't gas on the road but rather vapor being emitted into the air.

Firefighters with the Northeast Regional response team were out all day, spraying down the truck with water to make sure that it wouldn't engulf into flames.

The Pembina County Sheriff's Department also evacuated nearby businesses and homes that were downwind from the leak just as a precautionary measure.

Just about every road into town was blocked off from the time of the incident until about 4 this afternoon.

They let the tanker completely drain before trying to move it.

It has been drained now and moved off of the road.

The Pembina County Sheriff tells WDAZ all roads are back open and the evacuation has been lifted.