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Controversy over Tannerite explosions in local neighborhood

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - City police and the county sheriffs responded to an area a few times due to complaints of Tannerite explosions, and there's some controversy on whether or not action should be taken since it was outside city limits.

Collette Lessard-Anderson, resident: "My first thought was did something blow up in the neighborhood and you just kinda felt like a shake in the house and kinda got caught off guard by it."

Collette Lessard-Anderson lives near 62nd Avenue South and Belmont, just outside the Grand Forks city limits.

She and her family were relaxing in their living room on Friday, the first time of the detonation.

"It sounded like a huge explosion louder than fireworks.”

They got quite a fright when a man detonated Tannerite near the neighborhood.

It's a reactive target for shooting purposes.

And it didn't stop there.

The man did it again on Sunday night.

Collette Lessard-Anderson: "Thankfully it didn't wake the kids up"

The Grand Forks Police Department responded to the complaints both times, and talked to the man setting off the reactive targets.

Lt. Bill Macki, GFPD: "Our officers contacted him again and he again admitted that that was the result of him targeting again."

But some viewers on Facebook are saying police are stepping over the line.

One comment reads: “If he's outside the city limits let him do what he wants.”

Another reads: “I'm pro law enforcement, don't get me wrong, but I'm also for doing whatever I want as long as I'm 100 percent legal.”

Police say you could hear the explosions from the city, so they had to check it out.

"The city police department does have limited options, but fortunately the person was very cooperative and has agreed in the future to move farther away from the city to use those reactive targets," says Lt. Macki.

Collette says she wouldn't have cared as much if she'd gotten a heads up.

Collette Lessard-Anderson: "Something you don't expect to hear in a normally quiet neighborhood."