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Local business owner helps police take one into custody after attempted burglary

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A Fargo business owner took action today , by making a citizen's arrest after witnessing an attempted burglary.

Kefiya Ouro owns K and M Auto Sales Shop, and he was standing outside when he says three young men tried to break in to Bonjour Fargo, located off Main Avenue. 

He ran across the street screaming 'Citizen's Arrest,' and the boys fled on their bikes down University Drive.

The owner chased them, grabbing one of them.

Ouro was able to hold the juvenile in place until police arrived. 

"We know Fargo has less crime. That's why we're all happy to be here, but in daytime like that, when someone has a store - he pays a lot of money to build up his store," says Ouro. "When they just break in like that, that's not right." 

Ouro had some help from a driver, Jemima Heppner, who witnessed the scene play out. 

Heppner stopped her car, got out and chased after the other two boys who fled down University. 

The whole time she shouted 'attempted robbery' to alert the neighbrhood. 

"It's the right thing to do," says Heppner. "The community members when they step together and they see something wrong and they respond, then good things can happen in the community. " 

Police haven't identified the three suspects -- but say all three are under the age of 18.

Police took the boy held down by Ouro into custody. 

The incident is still under investigation.