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Organizers looking for input on proposed freezeway

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Freezeway organizers are asking for your input on turning trails into an ice rink.

The proposed "freezeway" would be a 600-yard trail turned into ice during the winter, but there's already been some pushback.

The greenway advisory committee says they're trying to be cognizant of people who already use the greenway in the winter, and they're asking the public where the freezeway should go.

"We have so many people in this community that use the greenway in a lot of different ways in during the winter,” said freezeway coordinator Nick Jensen. “Cross-country skiers, fat tire bikers, walkers, and what we really want to make sure is that the freezeway adds to kinda the tapestry of what happens in winter. And so we just want to make sure we get feedback on you what is it they're looking for. How can we help?"

The group is looking for more information from the community about what sections of greenway trail are already in use in the winter.